Alright guys here’s the GoFundMe link [here]

Please excuse the terrible facebook pic and awful neckbeard. I haven’t been able to shave for the past few days. If you can’t donate reblogs are very much appreciated.

And for anyone who doesn’t know what’s happened here’s a link to the post with the info [here]

Signal boosting for a fellow /toy/ soldier in a shitty situation.



Actually Bandai will probably do Zeo anyways because Ohranger had the best sales of any Sentai despite having the worst ratings and toy nostalgia overrides show nostalgia when it comes to a show trying to sell toys. So it’d be an easy sale in America as Zeo and possibly a much easier sale in Japan for Ohranger.

Ohranger is gonna be worth it just for all the recreations of the this image.