tepidcartridge asked:

So how long until the Woolie Hole works its tendrils into you and you get into Kamen Rider?

itsdorkgirl answered:

Ah jeez, it’s going to be a long while until I test the waters of Kamen Rider. Right now, I’m still trying to get through JoJo and Berserk. In terms of Zaibatsu related media, I’ve got a long while to finish that before I movie on to anything new. 

For whatever it’s worth Kamen Riders ZO and J were short movies, good stuff, some of the better tokusatsu films. So if you want to get an idea of the franchise with a low time commitment they’re a fun watch. 



You know what I miss about old anime? The fact that people were drawn differently. If you were ugly you were ugly. Tall,short, skin color. It’s why I really enjoy 80’s and 90’s Gibran and Macross. Men and women of color were done. And it wasn’t forced. It all felt natural. And good to see difference in people.
I miss that.

This is sadly true, digital art killing detailing and shading and a decline in different character design was the root of this. For reference.

The supporting cast of Gundam 0079.

The Supporting cast and main character of Gundam Seed.

Especially if your show is set in the future/space some variety can help immersion.