tepidcartridge asked:

What do you think are the chances Kachidoki is gonna be a main release for Figuarts? Also whether or not he'll come with both forms of the DJ Gun.

muhplastic answered:

Unless he has another form to be his final form it most likely will be a regular release since both Wizard and Fourze’s were and Gaim seems to be selling well enough to warrant it. As for his gun I’d hope so. Bandai is random with accessories so it’s hard to predict who will come with what. 

Actually yeah, it’s an Agito situation where it’s his 2nd super form, and we’re waiting on the 3rd.

And i noticed the randomness going from Blade with all his stuff, to Kabuto and Black being minimalist, and now Hibiki coming with a effect parts again.

There’s a lot of Gaim catching up to do for Figuarts actually.




Figuarts collection time i guess. i like kabuto alot.

The kind of display I’d like to go for. This is what I’m talking about when I say neutral poses really work.

They’re best when you’re doing big group displays. Action poses and using niche accessories are more fun and look better when you have the piecemeal collections most figuarts owners have.

Not saying either is better than the other, they just each have their own place.